About Bloc Interiors

How does your office
work for you?

At bloc our business is tailored and focused
around our clients. Our objective & motivation
is to provide the best service our industry has
to offer. It's not just an opportunity we are
pursuing its something we really believe in.

• There is no one size fits all office design and build solution.
Your workspace should be working as hard as you do.

• Whether you’re looking to redesign and refurbish your current         space,or you’re moving into a new space we’re here to

   give your office the attention to detail it needs.

• Your business works dierently from any other and each part of       your team has unique needs and challenges. We get to know

   how your business operates so we can plan the most e!cient

   use of your office space.

Working environment

• The working environment is shifting rapidly, resulting in new             challenges and opportunities for companies. This evolution has       seen the end to the traditional ways of working as the office               landscape is redefined by advanced technologies, changing             demographics, new social values and rapid globalisation.

• Our design and build approach means that we take on every           aspect of an office interior fit-out, from selecting a building and       organizing the lease through to helping you move the packing         crates into your new office. If required, we can assist with                   landlord negotiations including legalities dilapidations building       surveys and licence to alter requirements.